PYRAME – Platonic (feat Moon Wave)

Out now on HIFI/LOFI Records

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„It’s dynamite…I cannot wait to hear more“ – Amy Lamé, @bbc6music

PYRAME is the musical project of David Naville – traveller and cosmic poet
from Berlin. Influenced by French pop, catchy indietronica beats and a hint of
disco, David uses his poetic lyrics to articulate his feelings about love,
affection, relationships and liberation.

The artist’s new single ‘Platonic’ is the prequel to ‘Where Are We Now?’,
depicting a relationship still in its infancy – uncomplicated and exciting. This
youthful bliss is captured in the delivery of Moon Wave‘s vocals and the lush electronic percussion – driving forward the gentle indie melody.

The accompanying video was shot across the banlieues of Paris on the
southeast side of the French capital. PYRAME poses as the outside observer
and narrator, processing the fact that the couple can’t seem to find each other
as the video unfolds. Encounters that run into emptiness and recur too often
make the idea of a common destiny absurd, and so things remain one thing
above all else: Platonic.

PYRAME likes to touch on sociological and philosophical problems in his songs, and so the artwork of the single is once again an homage to ancient Greek art.

The accompanying EP will be released on June 28th on vinyl and digital. Preorder it here :…-life-ep-2

Written and composed by David Naville.
Produced & Mixed by Matthieu Brismontier at MOWD
Mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac, LCD Soundsystem) at Chicago Mastering Service.